Drain systems have been in place since the Victorian era, and for them to have lasted so long is incredible. However, drains can usually become an after-thought, and eventually issues can occur.

A blockage can be considered one of the most common issues for drains due to the pipes carrying both liquid and solid waste. However, blockages can be cleared easily.

What to do when you have a drain blockage?

It is advised to investigate any blockage using a CCTV camera, a service that Bates Environmental can provide. A full survey of the drainage pipe work can be carried out and any defects identified.

What other problems can occur?

Other common faults and problems with drainage pipework can include:

  • Cracked or broken sections of pipework.
  • Open or dropped joints.
  • Root ingress into the pipework.
  • Sections of pipework where the 'fall' has become level.

Such problems can usually be readily rectified by excavation and repair or lining the existing pipe.