The manufacturer, Marsh Industries, had taken the time to send a picture of our personalised tank order from them as shown here. These are all mostly Sewage Treatment Plants which are used to circulate air to encourage the growth of bacteria to break down sewage. Sewage treatment plant tanks

Here at Bates Environmental, our vast amounts of experience allow us to install this many treatment plants within 4-6 weeks, whereas most drainage companies wouldn’t do this within a year.

As a result, you can rely on Bates Environmental to supply and install the sewage equipment you need in a very short space of time. Replacing or installing this equipment is vital to many in most cases, therefore, we can install supplies such as polishing units rapidly to meet the needs of our customers.

We have installed sewage equipment for a range of people, including a local council which you can read here.

Bates Environmental are Marsh industries approved installers as well as being accredited by British Water to service sewage treatment plants.

On our website, we offer state of the art sewage supplies from several manufacturers, so please contact Bates Environmental for ANY of your sewage needs and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.