Bates Environmental Ltd can provide surveys for several purposes. For example:

  • A water test to check for pipework leaks. This would be recommended prior to purchase of a property.
  • A colour CCTV drain survey to provide visual examination of the internal surfaces and joints in drainage pipework.
  • A survey to provide advice and costings for a new drainage scheme, septic tank & soakaway system, sewage treatment plant or extension / alterations to a property.
  • A survey to advise on rainwater management, including harvesting and storm water management
  • A visual survey of an existing septic tank system with a full report, recommendations and costings where applicable

We rise above our competitors through our experience and ability to find a solution. As the bulk of drainage is below ground it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the problem. Using high quality drain survey equipment and our expert knowledge of drainage and building construction we can locate problems (or potential problems!), investigate your septic tank, check your pipework and advise accordingly.