Bates Environmental Ltd offer a full range of installation services, such as:

  • Install new and replacement septic tank systems
  • Install sewage treatment systems
  • Install rainwater harvesting systems
  • Install extensions to your disposal system, such as grease traps and polishing units, to increase efficiency and reduce likelihood of problems caused by unwanted material entering the system
  • Install replacement and ancillary parts such as pumps, compressors, and geoceptors

Man Hole Installation

Pump Chambers

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Sewage Treatment Plant

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Septic tanks

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Drainage Field

Uni gem

The Uni:Gem was tested to EN12566-3 in conjunction with a traditional septic tank. Uni:Gem is the market leader in Septic Tank upgrades and produces a final effluent quality better than 20:30:20.

Uni:Gem models have been installed in hundreds of domestic sites and commercial installations including those of the Environment Agency offices, the National Trust and English Heritage.

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