Jet Vac Hire:

  • We have four jet vac combination units of varying sizes
  • These vehicles will always have two members of trained staff present when ever it is in operation due to health and safety reasons due to the high water pressure
  • These can used to clear stubborn blockages, Clear gully pots on the side of roads or badly fatted/silted up drainage runs.

Gully Pots

Each of the jet vacs has a separate arm which can be manoeuvred manually or hydraulically into the gully pot and then remove the contents (Silt Leaves etc) using high pressure suction. The gully pot would then be washed down and the lines jetted using the high pressure water to ensure these are clear. The Gully pot would then be re – filled with clean water in order to ensure its efficiently functioning.

“Fatted up pipes”

Another use of these vehicle is many fast food outlets/kitchens have food deposits and grease in the drain which over time decreases the diameter of the drainage run and therefore causes blockages. (i.e the fat bergs in London – on a large scale) . These vehicles are powerful enough to break this food and grease deposits down and flush it through the drainage run ensuring any water can then drain away as per the design of the drainage system.

Silted up pipes

Storm drain systems, full of sewage and waste water, are often found to have silt in them due to stones, mud, leaves etc being washed off of what ever surface and in to the drainage system. This obviously has an adverse effect on the drainage system. These vehicles can break this down and remove the silt for the system. Many large factories/large sites have this performed most commonly at the end of summer to ensure that all the dust/debris that has entered the drains are removed ready for the wetter winter weather and ensure that there site won’t be flooded and therefore saves them money as they do not have to close down, bring in pumps or have the same vehicle on an emergency call out.

  • These vehicles are charged at an hourly rate (Min 4 hourly charge – inclusive of travel) Please give us a call today to discuss your needs.
  • We can set up a contract and come and do it at the desired month each year or you can call us as and when required. Please be aware depending on the surface, nature, size and task of your site this process may be required more frequently than yearly.