Sewage pollution and the Environmental Bill
Bates Environmental explores the Environmental Bill and how the Government is progressing with the bill.
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How to properly dispose of cooking grease, fats and oils
Everyone loves cooking with grease, fats and oils. They lend flavour to our favourite foods. But do you know how to properly dispose of them? Bates reveals all!
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The dangers of old house traps in your pipes
When you have an older home, house traps can cause clogs. Bates Environmental is here to help!
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Why are CCTV drain inspections vital?
You can get a CCTV drain inspection to ensure your drains are working properly. If you are having a problem, then Bates Environmental is here to help!
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How can I get food out of the kitchen plughole?
Drains get blocked from time to time. So, here at Bates, we have put together a blog on how to get food out of the kitchen plughole. Read on to find out more.
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