How Do Sewer And Septic Systems Differ?
Can’t decide between a septic or sewer system? Not to fear, in this month’s blog we show you the differences between the two so you can decide for yourself.
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How To Ensure You Don't Have A Drain Disaster
No one wants to pay a hefty bill for a drain disaster. Here at Bates Environmental, we reveal how to keep your drain pipes in a great condition.
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Top Tips on Saving Water
Here at Bates Environmental, we have put together our top tips on saving water at home!
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Why Saving Water Can Help Save The Environment
It’s important to save water, even during rainy months. But why is it such a big deal if we’ve got such an abundance of the stuff? Find out in our latest blog!
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Installation of Storm & Foul Systems
Bates Environmental install both storm and foul systems for properties in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.
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