Top 5 facts about sewer systems that will blow your mind!
Sewer systems have been around since 800BC and have developed ever since. We reveal the top 5 facts you may have not heard of surrounding sewer systems...
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Alternative ways to dispose of grease and fat in the kitchen
It is very common to dispose of grease and fat down the drain without a second thought, however, this can cause severe blockages. Here are some alternative ways to avoid this...
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What Happens If A Grease Trap Isn’t Properly Maintained?
Haven’t thought about the condition of your grease trap in a while? You may want to after reading our blog here at Bates Environmental...
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Why Isn’t My Sink Draining Properly?
Most of us have experienced the frustration of our sinks taking longer to drain than normal. In this blog, we run through what may be the causes...
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How Do Sewer And Septic Systems Differ?
Can’t decide between a septic or sewer system? Not to fear, in this month’s blog we show you the differences between the two so you can decide for yourself.
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