The dangers of old house traps in your pipes

There are a number of reasons why traps may need to be updated. First of all, older traps often don’t perform as well as modern traps, and may even be dangerous. Outdated traps may even end up causing more problems than they solve. First, old traps may be connected to a corrosion-prone metal-based shingle, which can allow water to pool in certain parts of the home. This can lead to costly damage to floors, steps, and walls.

Older house traps have proven to be inefficient and unsafe. This is particularly true with corroded piping. Older homes tend to have metal house traps, which can corrode over time. In addition to being dangerous, these traps can cause clogs, which could be extremely problematic. Traditional house traps also have poor seal performance and can easily trap pests and debris in your home.

What is a house trap?

Traditionally, a house trap is an inlet/outlet box that is in your main plumbing line between the home’s plumbing system and the sewer. The purpose of the house trap is to prevent pests and sewer gas and liquid from contaminating the home’s interior so that they do not cause further problems.

A house trap is an inlet in the form of a narrow U-shaped channel. When sewer gases and pests come into contact with the inlet, the water barrier prevents them from coming up through the sewage system and into your home. As a result, a house trap can become clogged and corrode, causing a leak in the home’s plumbing system. A house trap can also be blocked or breached, which would mean that wastewater could spillover from the home’s sewer line into other places in the home.


P-traps, located underneath the drain of each sink and tub in just about all modern buildings, are a much safer solution for your home’s plumbing needs. P-traps work well in place of traditional house traps and allow for a better flow of water throughout the home.

When an old house trap becomes damaged

When you have an older house trap, it is best to remove the trap to ensure that your home remains safe and healthy. To avoid any further problems, old traps can be avoided altogether by working with plumbing professionals who can install updated P-traps, like us here at Bates Environmental, call us on 08000433711.

If an old house trap becomes damaged, your plumbing may be unable to handle the flow of wastewater without getting backed up into other places in the home. If this happens, the plumbing will need to be repaired or replaced.

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