Unblocking Drains

Here are some of the jetting vans that spread themselves between the Humber Bridge, Huntingdon, and Sheringham. A drainage water jetting vehicle is for the clearance of blockages in drains, sewers and tanks. These vans are fitted with a self-contained high-powered water jet machine and water tank to forcibly remove any clogging or blocking, that is preventing your drains from performing in working order.

5 jetting vans in a row for unblocking drains

If you are unaware of this latest innovation to tackle pesky drain blockages, jet blasting is a specialised technique for cleaning clogged and blocked drains, sewers as well as pipes. With its flexible and long hose, the machine can get to hard-to-reach areas in piping and drainage systems ensuring ease of removal and happy customers. Jet blasters also are available to be used with a variety of nozzles which can be fitted to the hose allowing clearance of all different drainage problems. The power behind these jetting machines allows for the capability of cutting through tree roots or plants, blasting through pipes to clear the build-up of grease, sludge, large items and other clumps that may have gotten into your pipes or drains.

How your drains become unblocked will start off with a member of Bates Environmental. They will arrive at your property and assess the situation. With the use of CCTV drain pipe cameras, they can inspect the condition of your drains and pipes to locate the blockage. They will then use high-pressure jet cleaning from a downhill opening to work in an upward direction so the client has an effective clearing.

If you have a blocked drain give us a call for a speedy response and competitive prices.