Reasons for drains becoming blocked

  • Incorrect items being put down the drains such as wet wipes/sanitary products
  • Build-up of “FOG” (Fats Oils and Greases)
  • Poor Condition/installation of pipework
  • Root Infestation
  • Damaged pipes/Displaced joints
  • Foreign objects such a leaves, moss etc entering the drainage system (normally through gully pots)

Bates Environmental can

  • Clear blockages cheaply and efficiently by using rods or high pressure water jetting
  • Provide appropriately trained personnel
  • Offer quick response times
  • Clear blockages far cheaper than our competitors
  • Provide operatives 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Should a drainage blockage persist then a CCTV drainage survey may be needed to assess the condition of the pipe. This would highlight:

  • Broken pipes
  • Displaced joints
  • Build-up of lime scale
  • Installation of pitch fibre pipes
  • Root Infestation

Bates Environmental Ltd hold major contracts with local councils, water authorities and many commercial companies guaranteeing our experience and professionalism.

£70+vat per 1/2 hr, domestic Jet Rod

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